About me

Hello! I'm Tyisha Dabney and I'm a medium and intuitive.

My strongest gifts come by feeling, hearing and seeing.

I’m also an experienced energy healer. My natural gifts were inherited from both sides of my family.

I began seeing spirits at the young age of six. My first visit from spirit came when my grandfather visited me soon after he passed. He would return to me frequently. I grew up as an emotional child and always felt things at a very strong level. During my young adult years, I would have prophetic visions in my sleep. Things would unfold exactly as I saw them in my visions.

I’m very honest in my readings. I will not sugar coat anything that I see or hear or feel. In my readings, I utilize my psychic ability and empathic intuition to give the best advice for your highest good. I give channeled guidance from my spirit guides, and as a Medium, I channel and give messages from your loved ones who have passed from this earthly life. My hope is to bring more understanding and knowledge of the Spirit World, as well as provide hope and encouragement to all who seek my assistance.