13 Herb Bath



13 Herb Bath 🌱🎍🍀🌿🎋🛀
🛁My 13 Herb Bath is created to help assist with hex removal, uncrossing, reversal of misfortune, removing stagnant, negative energy and overall bad luck. Brings in good luck, positive energy. Clears your roads open. Each herb is carefully chosen for it’s specific magickal properties and each batch is crafted and blended during the full moon of every month. Each bag is enough for 13 baths depending on how much you choose to use.
🧼🔮🧿 The Baths 🛀 are $35 including shipping comes with a reusable tea bag 🛍 and 2 tea light candles 🕯 dm me,or text me to Order your bath 🛀 today !


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